CVWmedia, Inc.

another dimension

If you're dreaming up a new product and can't quite visualize it, or you want a real-life object to do something impossible, we're your Huckleberry.

One of our more unique services is custom 3-D modeling of just about anything. Logos, sports arenas, client product packaging, and complex machinery are just a few of the things we've built for our clients. Using 3-D models over real photo or video means we can move, manipulate, or view items at any angle and in any setting, at any time, making post-shoot script changes and inventive postproduction a breeze.

We also offer 3-D models for sale via TurboSquid and Pond5 of a select few items we've built. If you're a graphic artist who wants to introduce some dimension to your work, these models are a great way to add that realism.