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it's the end of the world as we know it

Our production / office assistant Chase O’Hara started at CVWmedia as an intern. Part of our intern program involves the creation an independent project of his or her choosing, with guidance and technical assistance from our production staff, with the primary goal of learning more about unfamiliar software or production processes.

Check out the video—featuring a cameo by Chase himself (ha!)—and then read a little bit about how it all went down.

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keepin' it reel

Our 2015 demo reel is here! Check out the work section to see some of our favorite projects from the past year, plus a few we're still quite proud of. Make sure you watch all the way through for a few cameo appearances by characters born here at CVWmedia!

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meet frank

CVWmedia's newest "employee" was born Frank! What started as a small character animation project grew into a very big personality, and we've all really grown to love having him around.

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dig deeper

We took some clear direction (and some technical documents) from the folks at TorcSill...then turned them into this! The "Helical Pile Experts" there turned us into "Helical Pile Animators." We love industrial modeling and animation — a true education every time for all parties involved. Thank you, TorcSill!

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